Year 3 of ownership/restoration (2014>2015)  Didn't think it would take quite this long!
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November, December, January, February, March, April, May,  hopefully this is it for the externals! Year 4 

November 1st/2nd 2014 Designing/planning conduit for new Cable runs, Testing out and repairing old electrical circuits in wheelhouse. General tidy up of old wireing.

Finished all new conduit from wheelhouse to aft cabin(navigation area), ready for wireing from Old Navigation area to Wheelhouse, because some equipment in each area but need to be able to see/operate it all from the wheel. Little sister says she don't want to navigate!

5th Pulled in cables for Navigation gear between wheelhouse and Aft cabin. Niki continues with stripping paint from sides of casing, I started stripping paint off top!
6th Collected window frames Aerocoat, delivered them to Glaziers for glass/perspex to be cut. Worked on main mast, stripped more of engine room top, and got help from Scott with more paint stripping.
7th Paint stripped of fire flap's, and a few other bits, more of engine room top stripped, started repairing timber on top of aft cabin.
10th>13th More aft cabin repairs, more engine room top paint stripping, got a "proper" Kelvin Hughes SSB radio for the boat.

Aft cabin timbers repaired, ready for new ply top and fibreglass repairs. More stripping paint from Engine room top!

17th Engine room top casing finally stripped, just rest to do now!
18th/19th Stripping paintwork from superstructure, Sister busy stripping stb'd sides of casing.
20th Stripping paint from vents, removed wheelhouse doors, carried on stripping paint Stb'd wheelhouse/aft cabin. Scott finished stripping front of Fwd cabin/shelter.
21st Niki and I stripping paint. All of engine room/forward shelter casing now striped and started on aft cabin.
24th/26th/27th/28th Aft cabin, paint stripping, removing Aft cabin floatation blocks, for repairs and painting under, superstructure paint now 99% stripped, all hatch's removed for stripping/repairs. Removed old damaged sealing rubbers for sliding doors...long long job, all but two bolts seized and there are over 30 of them per door frame!
30th All paint off superstructure, under Flotation boxes stripped and primed.
2nd December 2014  Fitting all mast supports (sealing and bolting to wheelhouse roof) Filling all unused bolt holes with Pan head bolts/sealer etc.
3rd Needle gunned off, aluminium angle between superstructure and Deck, keel where it was sitting on blocks previously. Lil sis cleaning paint from handrails.
11th Sanding down and started repairing aft cabin self righting air cases. sanding down fwd (engine room casing) handrails.
12th/13th Finished handrails, trial fitting of step, raking our stb'd tunnel, stripping paint off aft cabin rails etc. Stripping paint from stern tubes. Not just me had help!

All 5 cabin steps dry fitted. Aft cabin air blocks fibreglass repairs, Stb'd stern tube cleaned down and Port stern tube 50% stripped.

16th Finished Stern tube cleaning, started on "D" fenders. Hardened up calking and Filled part of stb'd tunnel.
17th Sanding and Priming stbd tunnel.
18th Stopping stbd tunnel, 50% done! Long Day!

Stb'd tunnel stopped 100%, Fender stripped 100%, Superstructure striped of paint 99%.

22nd Ran out of hull seams to rake out! 2 hatches cleaned down/stripped.
23rd Stopped Stb'd Aft below waterline seam's, that's the lot done now! Helper stripped Hatches and started on superstructure cleaning down.
24th Filled all screw holes in Stb'd tunnel and sanded 30% of them, carried on sanding superstructure.
26th Stb'd tunnel sanded and primed.....glad that's done!
27th Stb'd aft quarter now filled, faired and Primed....that's it, hull below waterline now finished, apart from "tingles" over drain bungs then anti foul....
30th Stb'd "D" fender cosmetically repaired, And all of superstructure aluminium prepared for painting, just Aft cabin buoyancy box cover to fit/fibreglass now.
31st Plywood cover fitted on aft cabin, Windlass cleaned ready for painting, Bow pudding also ready. General clean down for the end of the year!

1st/2nd & 5th/6th
January 2015

Fiber glassing Aft cabin buoyancy box cover. Half days, Head Cold and fumes not good for my Asthma!

7th/8th Finished fiberglas on aft cabin, help from friends, Engine room casing handrails sanded & varnished, stanchion plates etch primed, Hatch "locks" freed off.
10th Sanded fiberglas, just painting, filling and sorting!
12th Repaired Engine room & Fwd cabin hatch's, More painting of bits, Fairing off Stb'd "D" fender and Bow pudding ready for primer.
13th Fairing off & primed Port "D" fender, Primed Bow pudding, "extracted" most of the old screws from anchor blocks, plugged and primed.
15th Stbd fender now primed, fitted missing survival rope brackets, general tidy up of little jobs!
16th Lower fender's repaired/screw holes filled & Re-primed, 12 bungs in and copper tingles over, Ryan cleaned out Aft hold ready for calking & painting.
17th Aft hold painted out (1st coat), Aft cabin flotation blocks bolted down, Engine room/Shelter folding step brackets fitted, not bad for a Saturday!
18th Just painting bits for a few hours.
20th Cleaning Aft cabin forward hold, fitting copper "tingles" on leading and trailing edges of overplanking.
21st Primed all Tingles, started "Stopping" above water line.
22nd All Stbd side above water line now stopped, Scott sanded engine room casing handrails, 75% of Aft cabin fwd hold painted out.
24th Port Aft quarter now stopped, Niki finished scraping off old lose paint inside wheelhouse windows.
26th/27th Finished stopping Port side of hull, cleaned up tools and general tidy up! Removed old Radar "Bench"
28th Part day, repaired all "D2 beading on fendering, started to fair off and sand Bulwarks.
29th Finished Bulwarks outboard, made up plate for Sink/bilge outlet, Tidied fore deck ready for sanding and painting. Finished painting Bilges in Aft cabin Fwd hold.
30th Sanded of aft bulwarks inboard, sanded aft deck area, both now ready for final primer! Niki busy scraping around window openings in aft cabin. Collected "bits" from shot blasters.
31st Final primer on Aft bulwarks and aft deck. Etch primer on inside of wheelhouse, top part!
2nd February 2015 Just painting inside of wheelhouse (top half). Drifted out and ordered 4 new Silicone Bronze bolts 12' long....they wont be cheap, but hopefully the last ones needed!
3rd Niki scraping more paint off inside of window openings. I sanded inboard of forward Bulwarks, fwd deck and re-primed.
4th/5th Ryan continues with aft cabin window openings, I sanded hull above water line 75% and primed 50%.
6th Finished sanding and primed all of hull!  Now ready for Undercoat etc.
9th Part day Mincarlo duties. Faired off deck seams on both side decks, ready for re-sanding and priming tomorrow
10th Sanded all side decks, primed all, just little touch up tomorrow and then ready for undercoat!
11th Just a little filling over screw holes that I wasn't happy with, then started undercoating stbd bulwarks (outboard), cover board and toe board brackets
12th Re-sanded mid ships on side decks and re-primed, carried on with undercoating bulwarks etc.
13th Undercoated Port fender, and Ryan finished stripping internal paintwork around window openings, then etch primed.
14th Half day for me, other boat work to do for a friend, just a little painting, Engine room bilges being cleaned, handrails finally re-varnished.
16th Part day, but got Stbd Fender undercoated! Hull above water line to sand and undercoat next.
17th Mob handed today, 2 helpers. Hull above water line undercoated. More painting in engine bilges. Cleaned Fwd section of Aft cabin and first clean of wheelhouse.
19th More painting in engine bilges, in fact more of all the above plus painting toe boards, windlass, varnishing Fwd cabin steps etc.
20th/21st Toe boards second side UC, Inside of fwd bulwarks undercoated, repairing hatch latches and sorting out navigation light bracket alterations.
23rd Just sanding thursdays bits, and then fitting last 4 new bolts to stern tube's, re-connecting oil returns, earth bonding etc.
25th Back on the job!  Aft cabin forward section glossed, all toe board brackets now in undercoat, and other sanding jobs.
26th/27th Toe boards in first topcoat on 2nd side, and Stanchion plates etc. sanded down deck, ready for undercoating.
28th Toe boards 2nd topcoat on one side, all decks first undercoat.
2nd March 2015

Day skipper course all week!

7th Toe boards finished painting, Windlass finished assembling, Bow pudding brackets first topcoat.
8th/9th Top coat on Stanchions, and Port Toe board to deck brackets.
10th/11th Sanding, Painting, Calking internal planking in Aft cabin Holds. Trying to rectify non-drying paint!
12/13th All internal calking now complete, inc. engine room. Non drying paint problem rectified. Wiring in for aft hold bilge pumps, New rudder pintle Grease pipes fitted on stern post.
14th Day off....well didn't go to boat but altered Nav light brackets for new lights and did some work on new top mast!
16th Bow pudding and "fire shutters" in red top coat, Outside of all bulwarks and deck edges in final undercoat. Etch primed & undercoated new grease pipes.
17th Niki undercoated 75% of inside of bulwarks, I spent the day sorting out pipe work for Aft hold bilge pumps! not finished but getting there.
18th Niki finished bulwarks, I did 2nd undercoat on fenders, then we both set to and painted the hull with the first coat of anti foul.
19th Sorting out rescue ropes, fender touch up, painted hull above water line 2nd undercoat.
20th/21st Part days, other boat in shed...dusty.  Painted 2nd coat on deck and touched up fenders etc
24th Getting windlass back up on deck and sorting out mounting bolts etc. Re-fitted bow pudding, about the hardest job I have had to do in two and a half years!
25th Part day only, Mincarlo and Loveday duties! Finished off fitting Bow pudding and filled "gaps", Tested then Bolted down Windlass.
26th Faired up Bow pudding sealer, Niki and I Masked all of Superstructure.
27th Preparing bits for painting tomorrow, final sand down, de-dust etc. Collected my second hand, but fully serviced radar.
28th Finally got the etch primer on Superstructure, the odd run but that will rub down!
29th Rubbing down and correcting runs.....preparing for undercoat.
30th 1st Undercoat, looking better with this coat!
31st Letting paint harden!  Sorting out other bits and trying to make new mounting for nav gear in wheelhouse.
1st April 2015 Wet and dry all over superstructure, then 2nd undercoat.
2nd/3rd Make upper mast parts, Wet and dry all over superstructure ready for temperature to rise for top coat! Repaired/replaced wheelhouse door rollers.
4th/5th Part days, waiting for temperature to rise to do topcoat on superstructure. Cleaning and polishing Toe rail scramble net plates. Mast in to welders, mounting antennas to boxes for top of wheelhouse.
6th Fitted and tested new Windlass wireing, (Moved solenoid from windlass to inside cabin)
7th All aft bilge pumps now plumbed in, first of topcoats on superstructure.
8th Sorting bits in workshop
9th 2nd anti foul on hull, few bits of touching up on hatches and doors.
13th 3rd anti foul, 2 anodes attached, Superstructure rubbed down for final Gloss tomorrow.
14th 2nd topcoat on superstructure, not pretty but protective! Bilge alarm cabling in. Rudder parts fitted together awaiting spline.

Started top coating inside of bulwarks, painting bits, collecting Upper mast, Bilge pump wireing, Engine room floor plates going down etc.

16th Manufacturing and fitting new oil seals for rudder box, re taped and fitted rudder tricing line roller, fitted coolant intake scoops,
17th Hatches re-fitted, just got to put in new gaskets and re-fit latches. Niki painted 2nd topcoat on inner bulwarks, I painted 1st coat on Outside and deck edges.
18th Propellers back on, top of cabin's/engine room undercoated, 3 Navigation lights fitted, wired and working.
20th First topcoat (non slip) on cabin tops, sand down bulwarks and deck edges, 2nd topcoat on deck edges and around superstructure.
21st Final topcoat on Bulwarks, general tidy up, prepare toe boards for fitting, more of engine room plates down.
22nd Port fender first top coat, sorting out other bits etc. Niki painted out cubby holes in heads. Fetched new SSB antenna stays
23rd Rudder re-assembled with all splines now re-built, first time working in my ownership. Engine room floor plates down, Main hull anode now fitted. Aft cabin paintwork scrubbed for now (until I have time to paint)
24th Stbd fender painted. Rudder box top replaced. Second coat of non slip on cabin tops.
25th Hull painted in first topcoat blue, started sorting out toe boards
26th Fitting Toe boards and Stanchions
27th/28th Fitting stanchions, glazing windows, fitting hatch locks, Cabin top air vents, 3 of 10 windows, sanding Fender and Hull, Fire shutter chains etc etc.
29th All toe boards and stanchions fitted, fender painted, started fitting guard chains.
30th Guard chains now all in place, Topcoat blue done, Peter one of our volunteers from Mincarlo spliced loads of ropes for me, good day all round.
May 1st 2015 Servicing engines, sorting out greasers etc. and started fitting windows
2nd Survey and fitting windows. Surveyor happy with my work so thats a relief.
3rd Boot topping and deck painting.
4th Tidying shed ready to move out, stowed main anchor, some electrics etc etc etc...
5th Finishing off! Lots of little jobs, mast wiring etc. general tool tidy up, and Naming!
6th Launch Day, Launch went ok. rudder problems laid up overnight alongside Oilman, got it sorted we think!
7th First sea trials, went very well, very happy. Achieved my target, Meet Lucy Lavers on her way to Dunkirk.
  I will only list some of the major restoration work in these Restoration pages from now on. for day to day see Voyages
w/e 15th Fitted some of new navigation gear, started on Chart table and just general keeping an eye on boat, weeps slowly drying up.
w/e 23rd Just sorting out Aft cabin,painting, new Nav gear electrics etc. Anchor blocks, flag haliards.....etc. Live on AIS
July 8th> After a couple of months in the water, and getting used to the boat, now is the time to lift her out and do some "Modernisation"
August 1st> Now making replacement lockers for Aft cabin that were removed by previous owner.