What I have done so far! (Year one 2012>2013) 
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November 2012 Tidied up all ropes,  Pressure washed all decks, to remove all lose paint that was trapping water.
  Started to get head round wiring that had been stripped out, not working etc making diagram's
  Started to find out history of Boat.
  Took out all Hull drain bungs.....Lots of water inside, Mainly got in through decks, been ashore for 18 months, (so she doesn't leak!)
  Found 10 year out of date flares....disposed off.
  Had a great deal on ebay, managed to purchase SW transmitter and Receiver of the correct era for Boat. (want to re-create radio room)
  Cleared "bunks" from aft cabin, and disposed of "kitchen" Removed rear deck hatch, most screws crystallised and broke! Long job.
1st December 2012  Remove Mast, sheet up, but leave room for air to dry decks.
2nd Fitted temporary Stb'd Batteries, tested some electrics, (mm not much works!)  Either altered during 1970's re-fit or faulty.
  Pumped oil into stern tubes, tried Port engine....ran ok, bit rough to start but ok when warmed up a little, gearbox worked ok and all gauges ok.
  Stb'd engine no go.....Injector pump rack bar stuck, found no3 cylinder element stuck.
9th Remove Port tank hatch, very damp, (need to fit ventilation) most screws broke! All stubs removed. Took all day!
10th Worked on Stb'd engine, few hours on injector pump and got it freed up (saved a few hundred pounds there!)  Engine ran ok, gauges ok, not charging, found corroded wire, sorted, now ok.
15th Remove Stb'd tank hatch, very damp, (ventilation) few screws broke! All stubs removed. Took only 4 hrs, getting better!
16th Cleaned oil from engine Bilges, messy! First of Aft cabin Hatches removed, easy one, screws not covered over!
17th Clean up Tank hatch seals (remove), Strip years of paint and filler on Aft cabin hatch screws, (don't think these have been up in 25 years, later that was confirmed)
18th Remove all screws from Aft cabin Hatch's x3  another long and tedious day.
20th Got help to remove Air Cases from Aft cabin Port rear Hatch, Pleasantly surprised with condition of hull, but once again very damp
21st Moved all air boxes to Aft decks, god where did they all come from!
22nd Removed Fwd cabin deck boards, mm didn't know I had a paddling pool! Obviously no drain holes in this section and Bilge pump strainers missing!
23rd Started removing Deck void panels in Aft cabin, also very wet! Visit from another boat owner in marina with a very nice 1960's VHF radio, bought at a very realistic price. Well Laura that's your Christmas present sorted!
24th Pushing it now! didn't dare go down the boat, so stayed in workshop and started making up Auxiliary electrics panels.  On a lifeboat because they were made for Rescues, not pleasure cruising or living aboard, when you switch on the Battery Isolators everything is live, Engine Ignition etc. I didn't want that so secondary electrics required.
25th Xmas day! Sneaked a few hours in workshop!
27th Removed all air boxes from Aft cabin, Fwd section Port & Stb'd, clear view of Prop shafts, Mm lots of mess, drip trays overflowed into Bilges!
29th Very dirty day, cleaned aft cabin (section 5 ) bilges etc, degreased, pressure washed, got very wet!  Left hatches open to dry out. Good job this is a hobby, if it had been work i would have walked out!
2nd January 2013 Sourced Francis Search Light, Laura's is missing, not a bad price trip up country to collect.
3rd Sorting out wiring, getting there, sorting out corrosion problems, mainly at ends of wires, so just re-tin and terminate.
4th Stripped out PVC panels in "Heads", these were made in 1989 by Martin, in original fore peak space.
7th Removed floor panels, and first cleaning of Bilges in Fore peak, and Fwd' cabin.
8th Another trip to "obtain" 24v Blower fans, and Heater unit for aft cabin (similar to original) nice having friends with an old coach breaking yard!
11th Auxiliary Switch panels finished!
12th Nice day, Decided to remove as much "flaking paint" as possible, better off, instead of trapping water.
14th Day in workshop, repairing door catches, stripped and cleaned all fans. Now fit for service
17th Removed some Air Cases from under Stb'd bunk, need to fit Waste tank somewhere!  Fired up engines, Just to keep them free, Video HERE
23rd striped out old "Heads" in fore peek, started planning out new pipe runs.
27th Repaired, and re-routed old 24v electrics, for new Tank vent fans, Double bottom Fans. (Not been in place since 1988!) Stripped out untidy, 1990's electrics.
28th Routed all electrics in Conduit instead of open wire's. Fitted new Auxiliary 24v electrics in Fwd Cabin, for new bilge pumps, aux lighting, and 12v phone charger outlet!
2nd February 2013 Wired Fwd Aux lighting panel to Port batteries, ran in Aft Cabin 24v aux supply and 240v feed for Calorifier and Socket in Aft cabin.
4th Fitted new panel for Hatch sensors, these have the facility to test/disable or enable hatch sensors, repaired broken Hatch sensor Lights on Dash, added "Ignition" Switches also, was a very good day, previous owner turned up with the original Makers plate, ON number plate and lots of historic documents.
9th/10th Started cleaning 20 years of oil from Engine room, slow Job! Checked out what needed sorting, loose coupling for alternator drive Stb'd engine, few seized cocks, and plenty of tidying up! So easy to list here but will take some hours to rectify!
11th Re-located Tool Locker in Engine room, had previously been moved to Fwd cabin, More cleaning,   Starting to look loved.
15th/16th Fitted Heads Black/Gray Water pump control panel, and Re-wired existing light, and installed new Auxiliary lights in Heads and Bunk spaces. All now in Conduit.
18th More engine room cleaning, Fitted new Fog Horn timer, not original spec, but now needed for COLREGS. Heads Hatch, made bigger. De-rust steel ribs in fore peak.
19th Started to free off Rudder and asses repairs needed.
21st Visited RNLI Salcombe, and obtained original Cabin Step from Frank Smith for pattern. Laura's removed sometime in lifetime.
23rd Bunk space openings made bigger, ready for trimming up with timber.
25th Fwd cabin to Heads doorway frame opening made larger.
1st March 2013

Engine room Cleaning finished, Bilge bolts checked in Heads & fwd cabin 3 need new plate washers, striped out all Air case timber framing/spacer laths. Section 5

2nd Rudder, removed coupling etc and removed rudder, removed tank straps 2 pairs to be re-manufactured.
4th Transferred diesel from Stb'd to Port tank, ready for lifting tank. Started Epoxy Hardening soft patches around bolts.
6th Machined timber for Bunk, and Heads door surrounds, nice bit of timber should look good!
8th Stripped out "Air case" spacer laths from Aft Cabin Rear Section 6. Tripping over air cases everywhere! Wish I could find a good home for them.

Started fitting Bunk Space Trimmers, long job, all sorts of angles!

16th Finished Bunk space Trimmers & Heads door frame
17th Sand and fill ABOVE
18th Varnish (sealing coat) on above and Sugar soap all Heads paintwork,  Repaired soft timber in Heads and Fwd cabin Bilges
22nd Epoxy soft timber 2nd coat in Heads and Fwd cabin Bilges
23rd Epoxy soft timber 3rd coat in Heads and Fwd cabin Bilges  Red Lead putty in bow knee small cracks.
24th Plated 3 to "spread" load on "repaired" Keel bolt thru holes. Put Mahogany hull thickening pad on 38mm Heads Outlet. Galvafroid on all steel work. Planning Heads pipe work and sink tank etc.
29th Primed/undercoated, Heads cabin top, and Bilges.
30th Painted gloss on Heads Cabin Top. Still bloody cold outside! Supposed to be Easter!
31st Nice afternoon out on John & Frances Macfarlane ON 956   Learn 't a lot, Thanks Guy and Family
1st April 2013 Sand down and Prime Heads Lockers,
3rd Paint Heads with Grey Topcoat. Prime Fwd cabin bilges.
4th Painted Heads Lockers, Killed another hoover!
5th Paint Heads Bilges with Grey Topcoat.
6th General clean up, And then started to destroy Air cases! No one wants them, and have decided that it is better to see the inside of the hull for maintenance. At least I have found a Historic use for them......Kindeling, for lighting up Lydia Eva.
8th Started plumbing up Loo, and Sink holding tank pipe work.
10th Decent weather at last!  Stripped Rudder, Plugged Screw holes, Rebated in new Anode stud plates and drilled out broken Eye bolt fixing's
12th What happened to the sun? Heads plumbing 90% complete. Working on rudder "Shaft" need to free it up, without destroying it!
13th Rudder again. Strip loose paint around exhausts, Hull fittings above water line, then Teach yourself calking!
14th Nice afternoon out on John & Frances Macfarlane ON 956 , Heat exchanger cleaning! and parts scrounging!

Rudder.....Finaly got rudder shaft and rudder to part company, Tools required:- Ratchet strap, WD40, Big hammer, Patience, Cursing, Time.

17th Re calked areas done on 13th, did it slightly wrong, got it better this time! Primed over.
19th Stripped down rudder, Removed bottom band Plugged old screw holes, Calked vertical crack, Delivered to Tim for bending edge steel.
20th & 21st More scraping paint, Half days, Lydia Eva duties!
22nd Collected rudder, re assemble and fit new stainless steelwork, etc. Undercoat.
24th 6 hrs removing top from steering box!  .........
26th &27th More scraping paint, Port side, around worst areas, Chalk up with cotton and prime.
28th Chalk up with Red lead putty, tried to disassembled steering box.....to be continued!
29th Bit more scraping, and sorting out Tarpaulins, bit of a tidy up for NHS visit!
1st May 2013 Bow filled in "Gap" (previously filled with filler!) with Oak, shaped to fit.
3rd Removed Starboard Fuel tank, first clean in tank void, not as bad as first looked!  Removed exhaust Hull fitting and diesel overflow hull fitting ..easier said than done!
4th Stripped, Painted first 1/3rd Keel, and Bow strap.
6th Stripped, Painted second 1/3rd Keel, sure this boat gets longer! calked Port mid ships,
10th,11th,12th Striped and painted remainder of keel, and stem post steelwork, stripped part of Stb'd bow planking & primed, calked/filled, 2nd primer Port Mid ships. Drilled out bow strap broken screws, replaced with new Gold (silicon bronze screws) should be for the price!
17th Remove corroded steelwork from upper Keelsons(hand grabs) 60 screws, 6 hours!!!,
18th more stripping of Hull, Stb'd side, getting there now, and still finding no real horrors.
19th Andy stripped more below water line, me a bit more above, first primer, starting to look better.
22nd Removed all cover/inspection plates from Stbd Fuel tank,  Cleaned tank void, removed broken tank strap mountings, Found bad repair to hull where bilge hull fitting, & Heat exchanger breather hull fitting were fitted.
25th Had help, so lots done, More scraping, 50% of Engine room floor panels un bolted, Upper bilge keels plugged old screw holes, Marked out new steelwork.
26th Remainder of engine room floor panels un-bolted, Upper bilge keels sanded and primed, Drilled and primed new steelwork. oh and more scraping!
27th Shareholder (my Sis) & myself, removed all SS & Fibre washers from ER floor panels, de-greased etc. started removing "Sludge" from ER Bilges.
31st More scraping paint off, and cleaning engine room
1st June 2013 Upper Bilge keel Port and Starboard Steelwork fitted. Stb'd Hatch removed, ready for re-sealing.
2nd Sanding and Priming all starboard mid ships, starting to look good
7th Getting there, 90% Stb'd side of hull stripped, primed and ready for a few small repairs
8th Removed final 30+ Air cases, found water trapped in Stb'd Tunnel wing, and some Rot in Stern tube blocks.
9th Cleaned out Aft cabin rear hull section, and more cleaning in Engine room Bilges
14th Stbd side all stripped and primed, including Stern Steering box mount. Just Prop tunnel to finish stripping and prime do!
15th Spent day cutting out soft/rotten timber from Stern tube blocks inside hull on top of tunnel
16th Removed props, to lighten stern tube assembly for removing "A" frame bolts thru Tunnel, more scraping paint!
19th Good day, 50% of hull striped, primed & repair list quite minimal! Next week start again on port side!
24th Damp day, removed rotten timber from Stern tube "A" frame internal pads. Collected props, all trimmed up looking great.
26th Stripped Worm gear and Quadrant out of Stern Steering box, nearly all striped out now, just needs Tim with big hammer!
28th Decided all Hull external thickening pads needed to be removed, and repairs properly made, then just paper pattern making of timber patches for stern tube blocks, "A" blocks etc.
29th 2nd cleaning of Stb'd Tank Space, removed all engine room to Hull pipe work, Day 1 with RESOLCOAT on soft timbers, stern tube blocks etc., Deck around fuel filler. Etc
30th More engine room bilge Cleaning, Day 2 with RESOLCOAT on soft timbers. Scraping paint inside tank space. Finally got wheelhouse door, sliding windows free!

1st July 2013

9 months into our ownership and still stripping out and listing repairs! Removed tank "saddle" from Stb'd tank space, so much easier for cleaning/repairs, day 3 resolcoat, and it seems to be doing a good job. Engine room bilges now cleaned.
5th Removed fore peak and port deck hatch's, "Neutralised" corrosion on Aluminium engine room/tank space bilges. Stripped port bow below waterline paint.
6th Epoxied engine room aluminium, bonded patches over corrosion holes.
7&8th Cleaned off 3 out of 6 external deck hatch's...long job very thick paint, doesn't sand, doesn't scrape, good old Nitromors
10th Sorting out for new tank "dip" pipe to extract water etc, sorting out for cleaning tank.
12th Cleaned Stb'd fuel tank, not an easy job with "baffles" everywhere. Cleaned more deck hatch's, and primed 3.
13th Repairing deck hatch's, stripping paint.
15th re-assembled stb'd fuel tank, all ready for use., more deck hatch repairs.
19th Finally got Rudder steering box to bits, away for splines to be repaired. primed around deck hatch apertures ready for sealing.
20th More deck stripping, too damp to paint! Started to make "graving" pieces for Hull. Removed Port bunk space air boxes....thats all of them out!
21st Deck Hatches now all Repaired and Primed on outer surface. cut out rotten outer planking.
22nd Stripped more bits of decks, Repaired and painted stbd tank "saddle's"
24th Caulked 3 deck hatch's, first time I have ever done this, steep learning curve! stripped more of decks. Resolcoat on bolt holes
26th sanded and primed deck hatches that had been caulked, not really happy with finish, still learning!
27th Working at home, cleaning & painting all stb'd tank space pipe work
28th Stripped and primed port aft section, scraped loose paint off inside of aft cabin top, re did deck hatches, happier now! Resolcoat on bolt holes
30th Stripped off Aft Bulwarks of Stanchions, ready for repairs.
31st Cleaned last of engine room floor panels, measuring up planks/graving pieces for Hull repair's.  More stripping hull!!!
3rd August 2013 Started fitting Hatch's, Shipwright  Mark Welch started on Bulwark repairs.
5th Fitted 3 forward Hatch's, started removing old deck caulking.
6th/7th Filling screw holes in decks, etc.
8th removing more deck caulking....long job....but hopefully I will only have to do it once!
9th Rain stopped play, to wet to do decks, removed Windlass, nearly "dropped" it through hull!! and then stripped, not working but only the Switch and Solenoid not to expensive to repair!
12th More work on decks, some ready for filling, some ready for caulking.
13th Decks, more preparation/filling.
14th Caulked port deck between tank & forward hatch's
16th Fitted "Pads" in Stb'd Tank space for through hull fittings. Paint on all fore deck now all burnt off.

Fitted Inner planking, for above. Sanded fore deck. Resolcoat on soft decking around steel angles for bulwarks.

20th Fitted "Calico", white lead paste, and outer planking, ready for fairing. Welded up stays for Rudder.
22nd/23rd Faired new planking, calked, primed, drilled holes for hull fittings. General bits and bobs on decks, Sister primed Port fwd decks.
24th workshop day...general fabricating bits
26/27th Stripped out old deck calking on fwd deck, primed ready for filling. Filled inner planking seam's in Stb'd Tank space, 70% painted out.
28/29th Filled screw/nail holes in fwd deck, sanded and primed. Tank space painting complete.
31st Caulked fwd deck, Niki stripped more of Engine room casing.
2nd September 2013 Mark Welch finished Aft bulwarks, Filled hatch screws, Sanded btwn hatch's stbd side, sourcing pelican hooks etc.
3rd Calked btwn hatch's stbd side. fitted all stbd side hull fittings and exhaust.
5th/6th fitted 240v incomer to engine casing,
9th Removed & labeled up fwd stanchions, Shipwright started Fwd bulwarks, more rot than first thought. More oak to buy!
11th/12th/13th Designing, Sourcing and building fuel "polishing" system. Replacing deck fittings. Making new electric deck pump. Sourcing materials for deck to bilge "dip" pipes
14th & 16th Making "tent" cover, ready for winter!
17th 240v electrics now finished, Working lights now made up and working, winter won't stop us this year.
18th/19th Re-fitting pipe work in Stb'd tank space, fitting new auxiliary bilge pump pipe work, new tank space ventilation fan.
20th Manufacturing new deck to bilge "dip" pipes, re-fitting tank cradle. Painting exhaust.
23rd/24th Fitting of fuel Polishing system, finishing Dip pipe, making and fitting tank strap brackets, general cleaning up tank space
26th/27th Piping up of fuel polishing system and trying out, Repairs to Deck around stb'd Diesel filler & Bilge fitting, started on 3 toe boards.
28th Final clean of Stb'd tank void, Stb'd Fuel Tank now in place, deck diesel filler pipe & new bilge pump pipe's and deck fittings fitted. 3 toe boards repaired and primed.
30th Re-connect and paint Diesel "Air vent" pipes, Diesel flow and return pipes. Fitted Quick connector to
1st/2nd October 2013 Clear the decks....ready for more paint stripping, striped 8' section of Stb'd deck...took all day!
4th Another 8' of deck stripped! Shipwright nearly finished Port Fwd Bulwark repairs.
5th Stripping out old deck caulking, sanding & priming decks.
7th Stripping out old deck caulking, remove more stanchions and toe boards. Port Bulwark repairs finished, on to Stbd!
8th/9th Sanding decks, filling screw holes etc, more filling etc etc etc. Sanding.
11th Sanding filler, to wet to do anything else, ready for final fairing, painting. Fitted "240v shore power warning neon", & 24v run timer for fuel polishing/transfer system.
14th Bulwarks.....stripped old paint and varnish of Fwd bulwarks (Inboard) ready for priming
15th Primed Fwd bulwarks (Inboard).
17th Filled and fared Stb'd deck, primed, ready for caulking/stopping. Toe boards repaired, filled and primed.
18th Masked Stb'd deck, sanded, primed, filled Stb'd. Bulwarks
19th Caulked Stb'd deck, stopped up part, then rain stopped play!  Striped Stbd Alternator drive shaft off engine to repair loose fenaflex coupling and key etc.
21st Bit more deck, Fitted aux 24v electrics panel in aft cabin, general tidy day!
22nd Stbd deck (up to Aft. Bulwarks) bit more done, rain stopped play again. Made and fitted, new key for Stb'd Alternator drive, refitted lay shaft. Engine bilge pump cone valves stripped, lapped and re-assembled. Bilge pump clutch's on engine's serviced/adjusted.
23rd, 24th Engines run for 10 minutes each, checked adjustments. Stbd deck (up to Aft. Bulwarks) now ready for final sanding and painting. A job for the Spring! Started stripping Aft deck.
26th Stripped all aft deck metalwork, with needle gun, looks better without the flaking paint!
29th>31st Rust cure on metalwork, then Galvafroid paint, stripped Aft bulwarks (inboard), Primed Aft Bulwarks
  On to another year!