Well my plans are to restore her to her 1970's Post conversion condition.

We cannot afford to do a complete Strip down (Nut & Bolt) restoration, but everything will be checked and individually repaired as required.
She was the first 47' Watson to have the full Self righting conversion, so it would not be practical to try and restore her to Original 1961 as built condition, the fact she was the first to get the "Solent" conversion makes her unique in her own way.

During her previous ownership (after her RNLI service life) various alterations were made. Of which we do not intend to reverse, these mainly being converting the Fore Peak into Heads, by removing part of the bulkhead, and all of the air cases, and the bulkheads to the sides of the fore cabin to make "Bunk" space. The original alterations are to be "Tidied up". The Engine room is 95% original except for a new watertight hatch through to the Forward cabin that was fitted late 1980's, this is to remain as it allows safe access to the Forward cabin and Head's in inclement weather (No need to go out on deck).

The Wheelhouse is also 95% original, but we will be adding modern Navigation equipment (Chartplotter and VHF radio) also slight alterations to the wiring and functions of various switches on the "Dash" (incorporating an engine Ignition sytem, Fog horn capability).

In the Aft Cabin, which has been stripped back from its 2006-10 Galley and Live-aboard configuration. We will be re-creating the Lockers in a style that befits the Era, and re-creating the "Radio room" with 1960's style radio's, and Navigation equipment.

There will be added switch panels Fore and Aft, for Bilge pumps etc, all which were not original equipment, but we feel are nessecary for our needs. They will be as descreetly fitted as possible as will water tanks and heating.

We want to Display her with the Equipment onboard that would have been fitted in her working era, Record everything we do to the boat, collect together as much history as we can, and give pleasure to others that like to remember a bygone age.

We ultimately want to visit all the Places that she worked. Full time on station at Buckie and as relief in various places around the UK, and hopefully raise some money for the RNLI.

I have various equipment missing that I would like to buy, borrow to copy or even photos of original equipment??

Items I am looking for:- 

Prop rope cutter,
Emergency VHF antenna,
Direction Finding antenna,
Drogue anchor,
RNLI First aid kit or details off.
RNLI Kettle (water boiler)
original Boat hook, or drawings.